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As we get older our hormone levels begin to dip albeit in a gradual manner but the tell tale signs are that we start to experience the physical and psychological signs of aging. What is surprising is that these signs are not confined to the very old….

…even individuals over the age of 30 years are becoming afflicted but to a lesser degree though.

It is now established that these signs are due to declining hormone levels, in particular human growth hormone which has a knock-on effect on testosterone levels too. This phenomenon affects both men and women by the way.

This is why online searches for information about human growth hormone products are on the increase every day. In fact, millions of people are online right now searching for some information relating to growth hormone just like your good self.

So, be reassured that you are doing the right thing looking for provacyl reviews and you are in the right place because we will provide you with all the relevant information you need to assist you if you are looking to buy provacyl supplement.

This comprehensive, full review of provacyl is written in a frequently asked questions manner so as to clarify all aspects of the product for you.

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What is provacyl then?

Provacyl is a natural supplement that is manufactured by Leading Edge Health Ltd. It is a US based company specializing in the research and development of natural health and beauty products.

Provacyl was manufactured to international standards in a cGMP certified facility approved both by the government and FDA. The same facility that companies provacyllike Wal-mart, Walgreen, Safeway, Rite Aid etc use, just to put it in perspective.

Provacyl is made up of nutrients and amino acids designed to kick-start your pituitary gland to make it more efficient at producing more human growth hormone HGH.

Human growth hormone as we now know is the youthful hormone and is responsible for a lot of bodily functions.

How does Provacyl work?

The clever blend of herbs, nutrients and amino acids provide a basis for the pituitary gland (which is a very small gland in the brain but does big things) to restore the gland to its former level of human growth hormone production.

The fact is after adolescent years human growth hormone begins to decline gradually because the pituitary gland becomes somewhat inefficient. It is thought that human growth hormone levels decrease by as much as 22% per decade of our lives after adolescent years.

So, the older you get, the less growth hormone you have in your body. Provacyl blend of ingredients is geared towards restoring the declining levels of growth hormone along with testosterone and dehyroepiandrosterone ( DHEA).

What are the benefits of using Provacyl Supplements?

There are a lot of benefits you get from using provacyl including:

  • Restoring physical stamina
  • Improvements in sex drive....relieving andropause in men
  • Relieving depression
  • Better sleep
  • Relieving anxiety
  • Improvement of skin texture by diminishing wrinkles and aging spots
  • Better memory and concentration
  • Helps to restore and build lean muscle, so you look better physically
  • Accelerates fat loss especially from the belly area
  • Restores your hair condition

...and lots more

What are ingredients in Provacyl hgh supplement?

All the ingredients in provacyl are natural and organic and these include:

– needed for metabolism, cell division and cell growth. Very useful in times of stress, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

– a recognized booster of growth hormone levels even in old age. Essential for fat burning, exercise endurance and enhancement of immunity.

– helps arginine to boost human growth hormone production. Also boosts immunity and aids genital function.

– has nerve-calming effects, plays a role in the function of the prostate and a pituitary stimulator too.

– fights fatigue and enhances mood. Has an important effect on the thyroid gland, hence thyroid function.

GammaAminoButyric acid
– a known neurotransmitter that stabilizes mood whilst improving sleep quality too. Fights depression and anxiety!

Muira Puama
– revs up libido and corrects erectile dysfunction. Very useful for stress management too.

Ginkgo Biloba
– a well known anti-oxidant good for vascular health. Has been used for decades to fight sexual difficulties and is currently being studied for Alzheimer and dementia.

Chaste Berry
– good for the reproductive systems. Proven to increase testosterone levels in men and estrogen in women.

Acai fruit
– contains powerful anti-oxidants so useful for fighting disease and aging.

Panax Ginseng
– boosts the immune system, increases libido, fights mental & physical stress, improves memory and corrects insomnia.

Tribulus Terestris
– good for fertility and erectile problems as it raises levels of dehydroepiandrosterone.

Swedish flower pollen
– improves liver function and prostatic function. Lowers cholesterol and boosts immune system.

Log Jack (Tongkat)
– long recognized to be very good for libido as it boosts testosterone production. Good for blood sugar regulation too.

Soy phytosterol
– good for cholesterol metabolism as it lowers levels of “bad cholesterol”.

Soy Phosphate complex
– a mood elevator as it fights depression. Good for memory and alertness.

Anterior pituitary
– a potent pituitary gland stimulator certain to boost human growth hormone levels.

– a precursor of sex hormones added to boost production of testosterone.


Is there HGH in provacyl?

There is no artificial HGH in provacyl. What provacyl does contain are ingredients that boost your production of HGH in a natural way.

Production of HGH is enhanced from your pituitary gland using provacyl supplement. Provacyl is what we call an HGH releaser and that’s exactly what it does – release more human growth hormone naturally for you to enjoy the benefits.

Do not be fooled by HGH supplements that claim to have HGH in them. The HGH molecule is too large to be absorbed from the alimentary tract and would not survive enzymatic activity anyway. So, anyone claiming to sell you an oral supplement with HGH in it, is simply scamming you. Period!

Go with what works and what’s proven to work!

Do I need a doctor’s prescription to use provacyl?

No, a doctor’s prescription is not necessary for provacyl. It is an organic and natural supplement that is used as dietary supplement.

Is Provacyl legal?

Yes, provacyl is 100% legal.

All the nutrients, amino acids are approved for use by the FDA as food supplement. This is in the FDA Diet Supplementary Health and Education Act of 1994.

Can I use provacyl if I’m not that old?

The physical signs and symptoms of aging are more pronounced in the older generation but not exclusively confined to that age group.

HGH levels begin to decline after adolescence and there is evidence that anyone over the age of 30 can actually benefit from using provacyl supplement.

Building muscle, losing fat, sleeping better, increasing sex drive, having better sexual response, boosting your immune system, reducing appearance of wrinkles, weight loss, getting better stamina and staying power are some of the benefits of using provacyl which you will agree both the old and young would welcome into their lives.

How soon can provacyl give me results?

Clearly this would vary between individuals but some of the benefits like mood elevation, better sleep, better sex drive, boosted energy levels and endurance will be experienced by users of provacyl within 4 weeks.

Other benefits like reduction of skin wrinkles, bulking of muscles, hair improvement, reduction in body fat, weight loss etc will become more obvious after 8 – 12 weeks of use.

Is provacyl safe?

Yes, provacyl is made of natural ingredients and was well researched and tested before it was launched….was found to be safe.

From our own research looking into whether users have complained of any side effects, we are glad to report that provacyl has no known side effects.



How do I use provacyl?

You should take 2 provacyl pills daily with a glass of water. Do not take more than 4 tablets in a 24 hour period. Provacyl is best taken with meals.

Can I use provacyl with other medications?

The ingredients in provacyl are natural, therefore no interaction has been linked with other medications. So provacyl should be safe to be used with other medicines.

However, if you have concerns, it would make sense to discuss it with your doctor.

Where can I buy Provacyl supplement?

The manufacturers of provacyl know that aging problems can have damaging physical and psychological effects on most people, so Leading Edge Health are keen to make provacyl supplement available to as many people as possible.

That is why they are prepared to ship provacyl worldwide.

So, if you live in the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Malaysia, Greece, Hong Kong, South Africa, etc or indeed any other country and are wondering where to buy or get provacyl, my advice is to purchase provacyl from the product’s official website online straightaway.

Buying the provacyl online from the products official website ensures you are getting the genuine provacyl supplement. Not only that your purchase of provacyl from the official product website entitles you to a generous 180 days money back guarantee along with some provacyl bonuses.

You need not be concerned about payment security because the website payment system is very secure as they use the latest data encryption technology protecting your personal details, so you can order provacyl online from their website with confidence.

Now you know where you can buy, get or order provacyl if you live in the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Malaysia, Greece, Hong Kong, South Africa, etc or indeed any other country with added benefits too.

Does Provacyl supplement work?

In the course of researching this product to write this full provacyl review, we wanted to establish whether provacyl formula does work or not.

Our research findings indicate that that provacyl actually does work. We researched provacyl customer feedback, testimonials and provacyl user comments and the evidence strongly suggests that provacyl does actually work.

You will be glad to know that provacyl actually was not only well researched and developed, but also has the endorsement of medical doctors who are involved in this area of specialization.

Dr_Ronald_KlatzDr Ronald Klatz
, (on the left of your page) President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine has always professed that HGH is about the best way of taking a decade off your face compared to alternative treatments.

More and more people are turning to products like provacyl to get back their youthfulness and looking at the provacyl user comments, this product is actually producing results to men and women all over the globe.

A lot of male provacyl users are very pleased with the sexual results in terms of frequency of intercourse, stamina, harder sustainable erections, staying power and better sexual drive. Even female users are having their libido revved up and are having better sexual response.

Others are getting good results with weight loss, increased stamina, better sleep quality, better mood, fat loss and increase in muscle bulk.

Long term users of provacyl are also reporting improvement of their skin wrinkles and aging spots. One lady actually decided to get rid of all her skin products to concentrate on using provacyl only.

Such is the power and effectiveness of provacyl.

provacyl_happy_coupleWhat Do I Do Next?

We are pretty convinced from our research that provacyl is a HGH releaser that works. The evidence is overwhelming from the customer comments and the level of repeat orders.

Provacyl has and is being used by thousands of customers from every corner of the globe and is getting more and more popular by the minute.

Purchases from the official website are entitled to free shipping accompanied by some nice complementary bonuses as well as discounts of up to 45% for larger orders.

The manufacturers are so confident about this product that they are offering a huge 180 days (yes, that is 6 months) money back guarantee, just in case you don’t get the results you are after. It doesn’t get better than that in terms of reassurance, does it?

For anyone seeking to lead a happier life by finding a solution to the frustrating signs of aging, provacyl certainly provides that wonderful opportunity.


The kind of happy life the couple to the left of your screen are enjoying could be yours with provacyl!

Highly Recommended!