Looking For Best Face Cream For Women and Men?

See how this article helps tell you the truth and saves you money….

If you are looking for the best face cream that is suitable for both men and women, then you have landed on the right page, because we will show you what we think is the best cream for your face…

….Not only that, we will also point you in the direction of where to get the best face cream at the cheapest price.

We have been researching hundreds of face creams for both women and men and their claims for several months, with the sole aim of narrowing them down to just one.

Yes, the cream we think offers the most value is the one we have chosen using the following criteria:

  • Effectiveness of the cream
  • The ingredients in the cream
  • Speed of achieving results
  • Longevity of results
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Safety of the ingredients
  • Customer service
  • Repeat orders of the cream
  • Money back guarantee
  • Total value delivered to the customer

Some of the creams fell far short of expectations. It is a competitive market, but we feel customers like yourself, deserve to get the best value for their buck.

You want to use a face cream that stimulates the production of collagen. Collagen synthesis is the foundation any good facial cream or indeed any skin cream that promises to revitalize your skin, needs to excel in, to keep your skin as young as possible.

The cream should not only stimulate collagen production but actually accelerate the production as well. This will in effect reverse or reduce the signs of aging making it, the best anti aging cream or at the very least, the best face cream for wrinkles.

The ingredients in the cream should have the capability of retaining moisture within the skin cells which helps to plump up the skin. This should soften, smoothen and condition your skin giving it a velvety texture, which of course, should qualify it as a best face moisturizer as well.

The face cream should assist the user get rid of dead skin cells, reduce under eye circles and puffiness if it is to be considered as a best night face cream too, helping you wake up in the morning looking fresh with a dewy skin.

Our chosen cream is applied to the face twice a day, both in the mornings and at night for 24 hour round-the-clock skin protection.

With essential anti oxidant ingredients as part of the formulation, free radicals and metabolites that damage your skin are quickly removed, thereby avoiding sun damage and development of aging spots.

This choice of the best face cream was not made lightly and with our unique algorithm, we chose Kollagen Intensiv cream using the nested criteria.

Kollagen Intensiv is truly a unique cream and you have to try it to see for yourself why you can’t go wrong with this cream.

So, where can you buy the best face cream?

It’s simple really! It doesn’t matter what country you reside in, they will ship and deliver worldwide within a few days.

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Just to reassure all their customers about the quality of the product, Leading Edge Health is covering every purchase with a 3-month unconditional money-back guarantee, meaning you can actually try the best face cream out for yourself risk-free.

Yes, that’s how confident the manufacturer is about how good the cream is.

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