Do You Know The Causes Of Adult Acne?


Adult acne strikes one out of 5 adult women at some time in their lives. This inconvenient skin condition can be treated or eliminated once causes of adult acne are identified and addressed. Picking at the pimples, blackheads and hard scrubbing, actually lead to adult acne inflammation. There are products on the market that can be used to overcome adult acne.


To treat the causes of adult acne, it is good to know what adult acne really is.


Acne starts with blackheads which are a combination of oil and dead cells trapped in pores, blocking the ducts and mixing with bacteria. They turn black when exposed to the air and that is how blackheads are formed.


Black heads become red pimples when inflamed and spread if touched by unclean hands. Infected pimples can have white heads filled with pus and will cause scarring if squeezed or broken open. These conditions cause adult acne to get worse.


Hard scrubbing will cause more inflammation and does not address the root cause of adult acne. Dermatologist, Dr. Seth Matarasso says, in InStyle Magazine, that only gentle washing should be done. He recommends trying an exfoliate with alpha-hydroxy acids.


There are also natural organic products that have been researched and developed to remove black heads, whiteheads and actually treat acne at its very core. Products like clearpores and clear skin max have been providing results for thousands of acne sufferers without fuss. These products will address the causes of adult acne.


Other real causes of adult acne are stress which causes oil glands to over compensate, bad cosmetics which can introduce bacteria to pores, hormones and birth control pills. These causes of adult acne can be dealt with to some extent.


The good news is that chocolate and cheese have not been proven to cause adult acne. Whatever the causes of adult acne, it is not a disease, but a skin condition that can be treated topically.


Since the causes of adult acne all lead to clogged pores, the treatment should involve cleaning out the pores. Experts suggest a 2 part treatment. First, gently clean the face with a medicated cleanser including benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.


Second, exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week with a salicylic acid treatment. Getting a professional facial is also beneficial in treating the causes of adult acne. A facial should include sulfur, zinc and camphor masks, exfoliation and blackhead extraction, to get rid of adult acne. Both afore-mentioned products have all those ingredients included in their formulation and they come highly recommended.