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Some of the changes that occur with advancing age relate to our eyes. The truth is these changes are not very flattering, to say the least.

We can’t turn back time, but we can take some practical steps to help reduce those aging signs and that includes aging signs that involve our eyes.

There are various products on the market promising to meet this objective, but they don’t always deliver the promised results.

So, if you are looking for honest, unbiased eye secrets reviews before you take the plunge to buy eye secrets, you can’t be faulted for doing the right thing. On this web page, we will do our best to provide you with as much information as possible to help with your decision making process.

We will also point you in the direction of where to buy eye secrets online so you can get the best deal, if you choose to proceed to purchase eye secrets thateye_secrets is. This is the most comprehensive eye secrets review you are likely to see online, but you will be glad you read all of it, as every question you have about eye secrets product will be answered on this web page.... let's get started.

So what is eye secrets?

Eye secrets are a group of product researched and developed by Advanced Health - a company based in the United Kingdom.

The eye secrets package is actually a total of 3 different products put together to take years of your age by improving your facial appearance without the need for expensive surgery and two of them are designed to work instantly without fuss.

The package includes:

An Upper Eyelid Lift – this one works instantly


Under Eye Tightener – developed to erase wrinkles and fine lines. Works instantly too


Eye Lash Accelerator – will volumize your eye lashes in a couple of weeks

Although it makes sense to get all 3 products in the eye secrets package for full effect, you are not hamstrung to acquire all three. You could be selective and discount any of the product(s) that you think may not apply to you.

How do the eye secrets work?

The three products work differently.

The eye secrets upper eyelid lift is a transparent strip that you apply to the upper eyelid and is designed to give sagging eyelids a lift in an instant. Now if you are one of the people with deep-set eyes, then this is just one product that will change your appearance for the better without the need for surgery.

Droopy eyelids are perked up instantly.

The eye secrets under eye tightener is a hypoallergenic formula that is designed to work within 1 minute of application on the under eye skin. As the name suggests, the special formulary works by tightening the skin around the eyes thereby getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines.

The under eye tightener when applied will last for 8 – 12 hours after application.

The eye secrets eye lash accelerator works to improve the appearance of your eye lashes after 21 days of once a day application. By 42 days, your eye lashes will be longer, fuller, thicker and more visible.

How do I use the eye secrets upper eyelid lift?

It is very easy. All you do is apply a single strip to the crease of your upper eyelid and you are done. You get instant lift once applied.

If you are not happy with the application, simply remove the strip and re-apply it to your satisfaction. The strip does not lose its stickiness even if you re-apply it several times limiting any wastage of the strips.

Do the eye secrets upper eyelid lift fall off?

No, the eye secrets eyelift strips do not fall when set and they usually set within a minute of applying them. The eye secrets eyelid lifts are designed to stay put until you are ready to remove them yourself. No worries about them falling off to embarrass you.

How long do the eye secrets eyelid lift strips last after application?

The eye secrets eyelid lift strips are designed to stay put after application for 12 – 18 hours but you can take the strips off anytime and the strips do not leave any residue on your upper eyelid after removal.

Will the eye secrets upper eyelid lift strips be visible to other people when applied?

No, the eye secrets upper eyelid lift strips are transparent, so will not be visible to anyone unless you tell them. They are transparent and very discreet. Only you know you’ve got them on. It’s your little secret, hence the name...Eye Secret!

How long will the eye secrets eyelid lift package last?

Each box of the eye secrets eyelid lift contains 64 strips which should last you about a month.

Are the eye secrets eyelids lift strips a permanent solution to my droopy eyelids?

No, the eye secrets eyelids lift are not a permanent solution to droopy eyelids. They are a temporary but perfect solution to saggy, droopy eyelids - an instant, effective, painless solution to a nagging problem without the need for surgery.

One thing people don’t realize is that surgery does not always produce permanent results and this eyelid lifts product is solution that enables you to avoid surgery and the usual risks associated with eye lift surgery.

Do the eye secrets eyelid lift strips contain any latex and is eye secret lift safe to use?

The eye secrets eyelid lift strip has a petrolatum based gel on it, to make it stick long enough for it to be effective but gentle enough to allow it to be removed without effort.

The strips do not contain any latex and are generally safe for all skin types as they are hypoallergenic.

Now let's talk about the Eye Secrets Under Eye Tightener

How do I use the under eye secrets eye tightener?

You should rub a dot of the eye secrets under eye tightener cream on the lower eyelid until fully absorbed once a day. You could apply it more than once if you if you sweat a lot or if you have an oily skin.

The under eye tightener effect is supposed to last for 8 – 12 hours after application.

How soon can I expect results with the eye secrets eye under tightener?

The results are usually fairly immediate, about a minute after application of the under eye tightener. The longer you use the under eye tightener, the better your results get. The under eye tightener has been proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by at least 46% when measured objectively.

Is the eye secret under eye tightener safe?

Yes, the ingredients of the under eye tightener are quite safe. No side effects have been reported by the thousands of users of the under eye tightener and it is very suitable for all skin types too (even those people with sensitive skin) as it the ingredients are hypoallergenic.

Can I use make up with the eye secrets under eye tightener?

Yes, the eye secrets under eye tightener can be applied first and make up applied over it afterwards. The under eye tightener does not interfere with your make up but the golden rule is to apply the under eye tightener first before applying your make up.

How long will the under eye tightener last?

Each bottle of the under eye tightener should last you 30 days of regular prescribed use.


About the Eye Secrets Eye Lash Accelerator

How soon can I see results with eye secrets eye lash accelerator?

The eye secrets eye lash accelerator was clinically and scientifically tested and the results indicate you should begin to see at least 72% improvement in your eye lash appearance results after 21 days of use.

Continued use beyond 21 days produces better results after 42 days use with the eye lashes becoming longer, thicker and fuller by 89%.

The eye lash accelerator has been tested by ophthalmologists and found to be safe to use around the eyes with no reported side effects.

How do I use the eye secrets eye lash accelerator?

It’s a once a day application to enhance your eye lash appearance. Using the product more than once a day will not make your eye lashes grow any faster, so it’s not necessary to use it more than the recommended frequency.

If you forget to apply it on a particular day, do not fret over it. Simply apply the eye lash accelerator when you remember. You just need to use the product consistently.

Will my eye secrets eye lash accelerator last long enough?

Surprisingly, the eye secrets eye lash accelerator bottle is expected to last you a good 9 months which is incredible value for money.

Is it okay to use the eye secrets eye lash accelerator on the eyebrows?

Yes, it is okay to apply the eye lash accelerator on the eye brows for a full effect. It works too on the eye brows especially if the eye brows are thin and sparse.

Is the eye lash accelerator suitable for men?

Yes, the product is okay for men to use as well, if they wish.

Is it okay to use eye lash accelerator with eyelash extensions?

Yes, the eye lash accelerator is fine with eyelash extensions. They will work together to enhance your appearance.

Where can I buy eye secrets?

Advanced Health Ltd, the manufacturers of eye secrets would like to make the products available to everyone who wishes to improve their looks, hence they are prepared to ship worldwide.

So if you live in the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, etc or indeed any other country and are wondering where to buy or get eye secrets, my advice would be to order the eye secrets from the product’s official website online straightaway.

The payment processor on the site is very secure ensuring your credit card details are safe and well protected. So you can purchase or order eye secrets online with confidence from that website 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Now you know where you can buy, order or get eye secrets online if you live UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, etc or indeed any other country without any hassle.

Remember that the eye secrets products are not sold in stores at least at the moment anyway, so online order is the easiest and only way to get the eye secrets.

Do the eye secrets products work?

In doing the research to write this eye secrets review, we wanted to establish whether the eye secrets product does work or not.

eye_secrets_before_and_afterWe are glad to report that eye secrets user comments and feedback have been largely positive. A lot of the consumers are particularly pleased with the fact that the results you get from using the eye secrets are instantaneous.

Taking years off your looks has never been simpler!

from Cardiff had always had problems with her eyelids, the skin being embarrasingly saggy. She used the eye secrets having seen the product on TV and couldn't be more pleased with her new look. She’s already looking forward to getting herself a year’s supply of the eye secrets.

Victoria Glenn
who lives in Spain has always had baggy eyes. She has tried all sorts of products in the past, promising to turn back time, only to be disappointed in the end. She decided to give eye secrets a try and now feels she’s found a product for life. It’s nice to have a product that gives you so much confidence.

was seriously considering eye lift surgery but was concerned about the dangers of surgery. She’s glad she developed “cold feet” about her planned surgery because the eye secrets products now provide Carole a worthy substitute for surgery.

What Do I Do Next?

Well, there is overwhelming evidence that eye secrets product works. The product is safe to use and very easy to apply. It only takes about 3 minutes to use all three products and you are done for the day.

eye_secrets_resultThe beauty of the eye secret is that you know straightaway that it works for you or not. The results you get for the upper eyelid lift and under eye tightener are immediate.

Looking younger at least from your eye appearance point of view anyway has never been easier. Eye secrets consumers have been very pleased with their purchase judging by our research findings online and even offline.

We cannot give an absolute guarantee that the product will work for you as we do not know your personal circumstances, but we believe the positive experience of the thousands of customers who have bought the eye secrets in the past and the volume of repeat orders do at least suggest your personal experience will be no different.


The lady whose picture appears on the left is one of the thousands of customers who got eye secrets for herself and you can see the evidence for yourself on that photograph as to potential results you can get from using the eye secrets product pack.

We feel this is a product that has a lot of value in it for its users as it gives you a nice opportunity to perk up your looks without the expense and risks of cosmetic surgery; and as such has our strong recommendation.