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Stretch marks are a cosmetic nightmare to anyone who has them. Therefore searching for information on how to get rid of stretch marks fast is a perfectly reasonable exercise, in my opinion, even though on their own stretch marks do not pose a health risk to the individual.

Still, stretch marks are a source of embarrassment!

How do stretch marks come about?

Stretch marks result from over-stretching of the skin such that the skin reaches breaking point and eventually “tears”. The most profound changes actually occurs in the deeper layers of the skin but superficially this over-stretching manifests itself as stretch marks.

The stretching of the skin does affect collagen alignment in the dermis layer of the skin resulting in collagen disruption. If collagen production is defective, then the damage is poorly repaired resulting in long lasting stretch marks which we hate so much.



Stretch marks affect both men and women. The commonest areas affected being the tummy, hips, thighs, buttocks and breasts.

Conditions where the skin is put under strain especially at a fairly quick rate such as pregnancy, body building, weight gain and puberty will lead to development of stretch marks.  

How do you know you’ve got stretch marks?

This is usually obvious especially when the stretch marks first appear. At the initial stage, the stretch marks give a reddish purplish appearance. They also appear as grooves on the skin and radiate a different skin texture compared to the skin around it.

As the stretch marks get older, the skin texture changes with time, as well as the colour appearance, becoming lighter in tone. If you are lucky and have good collagen production and repair qualities, the stretch marks would heal and fade away gradually.

…..but not everyone is lucky enough to benefit from spontaneous healing without some form of assistance.



So, how do you get rid of stretch marks fast naturally?

As stated before, collagen alignment and production are affected when stretch marks are formed.

Therefore any solution that is aimed at getting rid of stretch marks fast has to address the issue of skin collagen production.

There are different methods of approaching and achieving this objective. These involve the use of creams, lotions which are relatively affordable and the more expensive alternatives like laser surgery. Some methods work faster than others.

Whatever method you choose to use, just remember that, you are only assisting nature to help the healing process that your body fell short of. Nature is only perfect up to a point….Sometimes nature needs just a little help and that is what stretch marks therapy is all about.

Whereas creams and lotions facilitate healing by boosting the skin’s chemical composition, surgery does its job in a rather physical way by coercing the skin to grow and regenerate itself.

Some of the creams and lotions available for getting rid of stretch marks; and relatively inexpensive include:



  • Cocoa butter oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Grape seed extract
  • Aloe Vera
  • Emu oil
  • Bio oil – slightly more expensive than the others but more effective relatively.

The problem with some of those creams is that they take forever to work and produce discernible results. In fact, some of them need to be applied for 9 months to a year before the marks fade away which can be really frustrating to an individual in need of quick results.

For those people who can afford it, a very quick and effective way to get rid of stretch marks is to use newer methods like micro-needing and laser surgery. Of course these alternatives do carry some risks which you must consider before undertaking them. Also remember that they are somewhat pricey, so not within everyone’s reach.

Now, you should be very well informed about how to get rid of stretch marks fast but do remember that regardless of whatever method you do choose, speed of collagen regeneration does vary between individuals. What that means is that some people will get results faster than others.

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