Japanese face washing routine review

The famous Japanese system of washing the face claims: 7 steps to perfect skin. If you regularly use makeup, skin cleansing turns into an important ritual, which determines how your face will look in 10 years. Today we will talk about the well-known Asian multi-stage washing system, which helps to clean the skin.

This system of washing will not only make your care complete and correct but also help to cope with oily skin or moisturize your overly dry skin, if such problems exist. However, this method is known to help any type of skin, this treatment is universal.

Step 1: Hydrophilic Oil

Hydrophilic oils and gels can be both Korean and Japanese, or you may find them in popular European and American brands. For example, you can find excellent hydrophilic oil from Bobbi Brown and M.A.C. At the first stage of this washing routine, apply oil to the cotton pad or cloth and take the makeup off.

Step 2: Gentle Balm Cleanser

After using hydrophilic oil, you will get the stains from cosmetics still left on the face. The next stage was designed to clean the skin from the rest of the make-up. Cleansing balms, as a rule, are oilbased, therefore, they remove the rest of the makeup much better than any aggressive gel.

Step 3: Micellar Water

After you have cleared your skin, make sure that there are no cosmetics left on any parts of its parts, especially under eyes. Use micellar water created specifically to repel the bits of makeup. The method of application is simple - apply the product on a cotton pad and wipe the face.

Step 4: Peeling Gel or Scrub

The next step is not a part of a daily routine. Home peeling can be used once a week, but you can use a light scrub exclusively with fine granules daily as the fourth step in your Asian-style washing system. This will help deep clean the pores, cope with black spots, get rid of dead cells and stimulate skin regeneration.

Step 5: Toner or Hydrating Mist

After all the manipulations with cleaning your face, you need to restore the natural pH of the skin - for this, you need a toner. However, Asians prefer to use moisturizing mists - these are “energy cocktails” that are sprayed, like thermal water, and give the face a rested appearance toning up the skin.

Step 6: Serum or Emulsion

After previous stages of application, your skin becomes especially open and ready to absorb the care products - this, is the main goal of Japanese washing system. All components of the serum will work more actively, penetrating the deeper layers of the epidermis. Therefore, after cleansing, please your face with a serum or a light emulsion!

Step 7: Moisturizer

And finally, the last step of your ritual should be moisturizing - apply the cream to the skin on the massage lines directly over the serum or you can wait a few minutes between these two steps for the skin to absorb the serum

Perhaps the Japanese washing system described by us may seem too complicated to you, but believe us - it's worth it! The process does not take much time: with practice, you will need only 10 minutes to do all the steps. Very soon you will notice that the skin became clearer, healthier and more toned.