Is Kollagen Intensiv a Scam?

Here is the truth….

There has been some internet speculation circulating about Kollagen Intensiv anti-aging cream. The speculation particularly relates to the subject of Kollagen Intensiv scam.

Whether this alleged scam has originated from Kollagen Intensiv users is difficult to say, but we got interested and started doing some investigative work.

Remember that Kollagen Intensiv is supposed to be a breakthrough product conceived by thorough scientific research.

The idea behind the product is that it encourages your body to produce its own natural collagen to provide the anti aging benefits we all desire. 

It should ideally be possible to reduce the visible signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, expression lines etc, with the bottomline being that you save yourself thousands of dollars from expensive collagen injections and botox injections.

It should be an at-home anti aging therapy that fits your bathroom cabinet without breaking the bank.

It will therefore be a shame if the Kollagen Intensiv product were to end up being a scam which really is not the original intention of the researchers and manufacturers.

What happened?

Yes, sometimes intentions do not always match the reality but we think the crux of the matter is this.

We do not think there is a single anti aging product out there that works for every individual…and that includes Kollagen Intensiv. That is the sad truth!

Why…because every skin is different.

So, when you search online for user reviews for any anti aging product, you will always find one or two individuals for whom the product was not suitable or fell short of expectations.

In our research to uncover whether any Kollagen Intensiv scam does exist or not, we did come across those few individuals who were not happy withkollagen_intensiv the outcome of their Kollagen Intensiv use, and they expressed their opinion which is fair…

…but we also came across lots more individuals who were very pleased with their Kollagen Intensiv results.

Now, would you consider an anti aging skin product where 8 out of 10 users were happy with their results and would recommend it to their friends and family, a scam? Thought not!

Here is a surprising Kollagen Intensiv discovery…

In the course of our research, something really surprising was discovered by us. This event we think was more of an accidental discovery by certain individuals who try lots of stuff to see what works or what doesn’t.

Some individuals who had initial disappointment with the Kollagen Intensiv, decided to try another product and they got really wonderful results within 2 weeks.

One of the Kollagen Intensiv users by name Alyson gave Kollagen Intensiv 2 Stars and said this:

“This product feels great: it's non-greasy, has a nice floral scent, is gentle, and doesn't make me break out. But it didn't do anything for my fine lines. I gave it more than the 84 day period but no real results….

…Upon switching from this cream to an AHA cream (by Alpha Hydrox - they have a lot of really great products), my fine lines disappeared within two weeks”

You can get this additional product that seems to be working well with Kollagen Intensiv from Amazon for under $11. Click here to see the AHA Alpha Hydrox Creme that works well with Kollagen Intensiv. Clicking on that link takes you directly to the Amazon product page.

Here is our theory.

Yes, we will admit our theory is not the most scientific but we think it is logical. It seems as though a combination use here can be very beneficial to those people for whom the initial results came across as disappointing.

It would appear that in these individuals the foundation for effective anti-wrinkle treatment is laid by the Kollagen Intensiv cream. The anti-wrinkle job or process if you like, is then finished up by using an Alpha Hydroxy product.

There seems to be a synergistic effect at work here….everyone!

Our humble advice

Kollagen Intensiv anti aging cream is not a scam.

It is a well intentioned anti-wrinkle cream which does provide results for most users but just in case you belong to the small percentage of individuals whose results fall below your expectation initially after giving a good trial of at least 80 days use, then you’ve got 2 choices:

Option 1
: You may return the item as you are covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Option 2
: Or you may then combine it with the 10% Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced crème available from Amazon for less than $11 for a wonderful result in a very short interval afterwards.

Feel reassured by this article. It is the result of our intense research. So, go ahead and get your hands on Kollagen Intensiv Cream now with confidence and start your anti aging journey…

…and always make sure you get your Kollagen Intensiv from the official website to be certain you are getting the genuine product along with their discounted offer too.