Laser Surgery To Remove Stretch Marks: Dangers and Risks

Many people can identify with problems related to stretch marks. This is not exclusive to women only because men can be affected by stretch marks too.

The only difference is that women tend to be more concerned about the appearance of their skin compared to men.

One of the latest forms of treatment for stretch marks is lasers, but is it the best form of treatment available to those who would like to get rid of stretch marks fast and save themselves the embarrassment of covering up with clothing all the time?

Lasers have been around for a while but lately have become better and better on account of advancement in laser technology. The use of laser surgery to remove stretch marks is becoming more popular by the day. It is important to note that no form of treatment for stretch marks is perfect.

The aim of stretch marks treatment is to reduce the overall ugly appearance of stretch marks and make them more cosmetically acceptable to anyone looking at your skin. Lasers certainly do have a role in the removal of stretch marks but it is not a perfect solution by any means.

The colour of the skin appearance can be improved as well as the depth of the stretch mark groove and the texture as well.

Lasers work by reducing the red discoloration of the stretch marks and stop the inflammation that is associated with the condition. In the course of using laser to remove stretch marks, the technology also has the capability of inducing the growth and development of new collagen and elastin which are essential for skin regeneration.

If you use the pulse-dyed laser, you can get really good results in the overall appearance of your stretch marks.

For white colored stretch marks, the fractional laser method is proving very effective when used by properly trained clinicians.

However lasers do have some downsides to them.

What are the risks and dagers of laser surgery to remove stretch marks?

Yes, the risks and dangers of using lasers to treat stretch marks must not be overlooked and some of the complications include:

  • Lasers can be painful especially to people who have low pain threshold. The discomfort can last for a couple of days.

  • There is usually some redness and swelling that occurs with the use of lasers.

  • On some occasions the skin may develop infection because it is usually raw, therefore prone to becoming infected.

  • The treatment sessions are usually undertaken at a recognized dermatology clinic with a little inconvenience to yourself.

  • You will need a few treatments before you see significant improvements in the appearance of the stretch marks. This means regular and frequent visits to the clinic where the therapy is being carried out.

  • Numerous treatment sessions implies expenditure that can add up pretty quickly. You should be prepared to spend hundreds of dollars per laser treatment session before you see significant results.

  • Lasers cannot be used during pregnancy to either prevent or treat existing stretch marks too, which limits the scope for women who may want to manage their stretch marks whilst pregnant.

So, with all these downsides to laser, what’s the alternative then?

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