MAYBELLINE Lash Sensational Fan Volume Mascara Review

In the modern world you can not do without a beautiful make-up. Of course, many of us want to buy high-quality and inexpensive products. Because why buy something expensive and worry if it works out when you can stick to effective drugstore makeup that does its job perfectly well? Therefore, we want to give you a review of a Maybelline Lash Sensational Fan Volume. Sensational lashes are not just loud words with this mascara! It gives awesome effect! So, we are going to talk about its texture, price, color and answer the most common questions.

Priceranges from $ 10, depending on the store.

Volume: 9.5 ml which is enough for 2-3 months.

Brush: mafe out of plastic or silicone, bends under strong pressure, but is more or less stable.

This one is a classic Lash Sensational mascara, which has become an absolute world bestseller. It gives a sensual fan volume due to an innovative brush that covers every eyelash without lumps or making eyelashes heavy. A fan-like brush with bristles of 10 different types applies mascara to every eyelash separately: short bristles capture and paint all eyelashes row by row, and long bristles open the look and make the lashes look longer. The perfect texture preserves impressive volume without sticking together and lumps. To get a smooth and effective volume, paint the eyelashes along the entire length, especially carefully working through the base row.

The peak of the perfect texture can be noticed after 2-4 weeks of using the mascara. Then the eyelashes get smoothly and evenly covered and you do not even have to separate them further. Up to the second week of use, the mascara is still too liquidy and it needs time to dry a bit. But after 6-7 weeks, it begins to dry out and you have to separate eyelashes after painting them. And this rule applies to almost all mascaras on the market not depending on the formula.

Just before writing this review, we first got acquainted with bad reviews about this makeup product and want to dispel some points:

This mascara is too liquidy. For those who have just started to use make up or have just discovered how mascaras work, of course it is. But probably everyone else already knows that all mascaras must first dry for a couple of weeks before they get a perfect texture.

Eyelashes become hard. Of course, after being painting, the eyelashes are not as soft as without makeup, but this doesn’t mean the mascara is bad!

No declared volume.We do not agree. You just need to get used to this brush.

Eyelashes fall out. Very controversial moment. The normal rate of loss of eyelashes per day is 6-8 pcs. So, it is unlikely that the mascara is to blame. Maybe you should not sleep with your makeup, rub your eyes too hard when taking it off or fall asleep with your face in the pillow, if you experience a great lash loss. But we must also say that mascara contains lot of synthetic components that cause allergies, so stay on alert.

You cannot wash it with a micellar water/ hydrophile gelsTo begin with, the micellar water was created to cleanse the skin, dissolve makeup (not remove it), remove grease, dust, etc. And hydrophile gels are great for taking the makeup off, if there is no such effect, it must be that you wasted money on a bad quality product.