Natural Remedies For Acne

There are a number of natural remedies for acne that sufferers can employ to deal with this skin condition. Yes, there are pharmaceutical lotions and creams that are available but sometimes the natural remedies can be just as effective, if not better.

Natural acne treatment or solution can deal with the symptoms of acne quickly and safely.

You will be glad to know that simple dietary changes can do a lot to improve your acne too. We’ve heard or read so many myths surrounding the relationship between acne and diet. The popular one being that eating chocolate can result in more acne break outs.

This is a myth because strictly speaking there is no evidence that this is true. Having said that, a strong relationship exists between acne and the food you consume, after all, your overall health is affected by your diet. Your skin is part of you, so is the health of your skin.

Skin acne may just be an expression of your overall health which in this instance may imply that all is not well.

Consuming unhealthy foods that destabilize your internal milieu will affect your skin health. An insatiable appetite for processed foods which as you know tend to have a lot of additives, preservatives can have negative consequences.

In the same vein, healthy eating does provide nourishment for your skin and indeed when you institute other natural remedies for treating your acne against a background of a healthy diet, then prospect of success is a lot more likely.

If you have noticed any foods that tend to make your acne worse, it makes sense to avoid such foods. Improving your diet in general by adding more fruits and vegetables is usually a first step to getting rid of your acne or at the very least, controlling it.

The whole idea is to manage your acne from within and as many people who have succeeded in controlling their acne will testify, skin lotions alone will not do the trick, unless you control sebum production.

There are certain natural remedies that you can use to assist you deal with your acne at home without spending a fortune.

How about using tea tree oil to treat your acne as a natural remedy? Tea tree oil will not necessarily cure your acne but it will provide an essential symptomatic control which always goes a long way to providing some much needed relief from your acne symptoms.

Tea tree oil has been proven to reduce the inflammation associated with acne and also ameliorates the redness of the acne spots.

There is also some evidence that tea tree oil does help with breakouts reducing their frequency especially the severe episodes of break outs.

One thing to bear in mind though is that, the tea tree oil is a fairly strong solution and needs to be diluted when applied directly on the skin to prevent skin burn which may result in scarring. A rule of thumb is to use one tablespoon of the tea tree oil to nine or ten tablespoonful of water.

Individuals with sensitive skin may do well to prevent skin burning by using a mixture of the tea tree oil with aloe vera gel which in a fortuitous way is a very good natural acne remedy combination. If you use the mixture in a 1:4 proportion, you should see some noticeable changes to your acne. You can see more natural acne remedies on that page.

Another tip for natural acne treatment is that you need to wash your face every day. It’s probably better to use something like Neutrogena grapefruit for your facial wash in place of your regular facial soap. This helps with the dark acne spots as well as the inflammation around the acne lesions.

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These steps outlined above can go a long way with dealing with your acne problem but there is one solution that is also natural and has been cleverly assembled.

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