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Scars on the skin regardless of where they are located are a source of distress to any individual. The problem is worse if the scars are located in areas where they can be seen by others every day like the face and neck.


Even scars in areas where they can be hidden with clothing remain a source of embarrassment as your freedom to choose whatever clothing you wear is severely limited.


Hence a lot of products have been developed and are available on the market today promising scar removal but which of these products actually work?


Revitol scar removal cream is one of the products in this niche but does it work? If you are looking to buy revitol scar removal cream or want to see someRevitol_Scar_Cream reviews of revitol scar removal cream, then we hope to reveal the facts to help you with your decision making process.


We have written this honest, independent revitol scar cream review in a frequently asked question (faq) style, such that your concerns or queries you might have are addressed to help you decide if this product is for you or not.



So, what is revitol scar removal cream?

Revitol scar removal cream is a product marketed by healthbuy. It was researched and developed to remove and reduce the appearance of scars that may result from surgery, acne, burns, cuts, bruises, gashes or even scars from old medical problems like chicken pox scars and other skin conditions.


How does revitol scar removal cream work?

Revitol has been formulated with a special blend of natural ingredients to help restore the skin to its original state.


Revitol scar cream assists with the skin’s regeneration ability working from the dermis layer of the skin to gradually remove or reduce the appearance of any scars regardless of their location and how old the scars may be.


In the dermis layer of the skin, revitol reinstates the level of proteins and vitamins. More collagen and elastin production is promoted by revitol scar cream, such that the repair occurs from inside out.


What are the ingredients in revitol scar removal cream?

The ingredients in revitol scar cream are natural and include:


Hydroquinone – a safe ingredient known to have very good scar removal properties and has been proven to work on aged scars, stretch marks, dark spots etc,


Retinol – a Vitamin A derivative known to work in the dermis (deeper layer) of the skin to improve its appearance in terms of color and skin tone.


Dimethylaminoethanol – known to help with removal of wrinkles, spots and scars.


Copper peptide – an ingredient in revitol scar cream very good for skin regeneration as it facilitates collagen growth as well as elastin.


Is revitol scar removal cream safe?

Yes, the ingredients in revitol scar cream are quite safe and have been tested for all skin types. No skin allergens have been found, so should be suitable for use by all who’d like to have their skin scars removed.



What is the price of revitol scar removal cream?

The price or cost of revitol scar removal cream is $30.60 for a jar, whilst 2 jars will cost you $61.23. However there is a revitol discount which entitles you to an extra free jar when you buy 2 and in fact, it gets better when you buy 3 jars for $91.87 as you will get 3 jars free with it making a total of 6 jars.


How do I use revitol scar cream?

Revitol scar cream is applied on the affected area twice a day. You massage the cream into the scar for about 3 minutes or so and allow sometime before you wear your clothing, if it’s an area like your belly that needs to be covered with clothes.





How soon can I start to see results with revitol scar cream?

Naturally results will vary from person to person but most people will begin to see results depending on the nature and size of the scar after about 6 weeks. Revitol scar cream is not a “miracle product” that will make your scar disappear in a couple of days.


From our research in writing this revitol scar cream review, we noticed that the cream needs to be used for a couple of weeks for results to appear and two to three months is about the time it would take for your scar to be gone.


So, you need to be patient when using this cream to get the results you want!


Does revitol scar cream work on old scars?

Yes, revitol scar cream does work on all scars, old and new. Old scars that are deep or raised will also respond to revitol cream application. It just takes longer to see results when the scar is old compared to newer scars.


….but you must use it twice a day on a regular basis.



Where can I buy revitol scar cream?

The manufacturers do not want revitol sold in stores, so your best option to get revitol scar cream is to buy it from product’s official website and they offer a very reliable service.


The ordering process is very easy and more importantly, it is very safe & secure, so you can order or buy revitol scar cream with confidence.


So, if you are wondering where to buy revitol scar removal cream in the USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Greece, Philippines, Ireland, Dubai, Malaysia, India etc or indeed any other country, your best option is to get, purchase or buy revitol scar removal cream from the product’s official website through the link above or at the bottom of this page.

This ensures you are getting the genuine revitol scar removal cream and you also get their discounted offer along with the bonus offers of free extra jars.



Does revitol scar removal cream work?

Whilst researching this product to write this unbiased revitol scar cream review, we wanted to find out if the product lives up to its expectation.


We are glad to report that the feedback from revitol scar cream users point heavily towards a good product that works and fairly effective too.

Revitol scar cream had so many positive customer and user reviews when we searched the online community for feedback.


Individuals like Margaret Pitt from Ohio, who has had a burn scar for over 5 years. She says her scar is barely visible now after 3 months of using revitol scar cream. She was initially going to give up after 5 weeks of using revitol but her friend encouraged her to continue with it and is she glad she continued? You bet she is!


Revitol_Scar_Cream_Before_and_AfterJamie Sheikh from London has always had problems with acne scars being a source of embarrassment to him. He turned to revitol scar cream and he is more than happy with the outcome, even happier at the affordable cost of the cream given the outstanding results.



Laura Reveau from France had a 2-year old scar on his belly which as far he was concerned was very ugly. His doctor advised cosmetic surgery but he decided to try revitol scar cream first. He got beautiful results 9 weeks of use and was also happy that an inexpensive solution like revitol scar cream can produce results like that.


Another happy customer was Fiona Campbell from Australia who was glad at the speed with which revitol scar cream took care of the scars on her back and shoulder.


Lots of similar revitol scar cream testimonials from all over the globe that we saw from many users, all very encouraging results.


What Do I Do Next?

We were impressed by the nature of the results that revitol scar cream was producing for its users. On that account we are left to conclude that the product revitol scar cream really works and is effective in reducing the appearance or removing acne scars, scars from burns, gashes, cuts, bruises and surgical scars.


The products works for the vast majority of its users and the company has a good customer service along with a 90-day money back guarantee should you be unhappy with your purchase.


We feel that the available evidence in terms of results encourages us to recommend revitol scar cream to our website visitors who have scars of whatever cause and whatever age they’d like to get rid of.

Our research did reveal Revitol scar cream has thousands of satisfied customers out there and you now have an opportunity to become one of them...

....especially with the discounted price offer along with the offer of free extra jars....saving you lots of money on your purchase. We recommend you go grab the offers now before they are withdrawn!

Highly Recommended!