What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are a skin condition that represents a cosmetic blemish to the individual who happens to have them. Be reassured however that stretch marks by their very nature are relatively harmless, in that, they do not pose any health risk to the individual.

So, what causes stretch marks?

Stretch marks as the name implies result from stretching of the skin. Any condition that stretches the skin to its limit by changing the skin’s normal shape will cause stretch marks to occur. Sometimes stretch marks are also referred to as striae.

What happens is that, the skin is a very elastic organ. When stretched under normal circumstances, it recoils without any damage to it.

However, when the skin is put under a lot of strain from stretching, then the supporting structures underneath the skin are damaged leading to stretch marks.

The supporting structures that give the skin its tensile strength and shape are collagen and other connective tissues. So any damage to this collagen and its surrounding connective tissue will manifest on the skin as stretch marks.

So, in effect stretch marks are the physical symptoms (or if you like, manifestation) of collagen and connective tissue damage that occurs when the skin is stretched to breaking point and in actual fact gets “torn” underneath the surface.

What conditions cause stretch marks to occur?

Any condition that changes the body shape can cause stretch marks to appear on the skin. Some of the causes of stretch marks include the following:


  • Puberty - due to rapid changes in body shape from accelerated growth
  • Body building - as it involves building muscle and skin stretching
  • Weight gain - due to changes in body shape
  • Weight loss – for the same reason
  • Pregnancy - causes stretch marks on the tummy in particular and breasts too

All of the above can cause stretch marks to appear on the skin gradually and indeed can be a source of embarrassment to the individual.

Is there any solution to stretch marks?

Yes, there are several. You can use inexpensive creams like:

  • Cocoa butter cream
  • Shea butter cream
  • Vitamin E
  • Grape seed extract
  • Jojoba oil
  • Castor oil

All of these creams and lotions are used to treat stretch mark and are relatively cheap to obtain. Also bio oil can be effective too but slightly more expensive.

The problem is that most of the available creams take too long to produce results, sometimes up to a year which can be frustrating. Even then, those creamsSkinception_Cream_Body_Areas may only succeed in reducing the reddish discoloration of the stretch marks without actually getting rid of them.

Some people end up having to undertake laser surgery to end their frustration but laser surgery has its own risks and complications too…and is not exactly cheap.

…but here is the good news!

A group of researchers have come up with an affordable solution in the form of a cream that has been getting rid of stretch marks in as little as 4 weeks to a lot of its users.

It’s a clever blend of natural ingredients that is proving very effective and best of all quite affordable too. It’s called skinception intensive stretch marks therapy cream, a natural solution that is gaining popularity globally.



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