What is the relationship between stress and acne?


Many people suffering from occasional bouts of adult acne, notice that there is a relationship between stress and acne. When you are stressed about work or family, you are more apt to have an acne break out. There appears to a significant link between stress and acne. When you are stressed, your body reacts from the inside to compensate, which can lead to acne.


The relationship between stress and acne is easier to understand when you know what acne is. Acne starts with blackheads formed by oil and dead cells getting trapped in pores and blocking ducts. Bacteria mixes with the black head and causes inflammation and red pimples.


When the inflamed pimples are touched by dirty fingers, pinched or scrubbed hard, the pathway to developing acne is forged. The relationship between stress and acne comes in different ways including touching your face more when you are stressed. It can become a nervous habit. The more stressed you are, the more you touch your face, spreading the acne.


Stress-related eating can also lead to development of acne. When you are stressed you may eat junk food to try to feel better, but junk foods are bad for your skin.


When you are stressed it causes oil glands to overcompensate making too much oil in your skin.

Another relationship between stress and acne may be that stress can affect your hormone levels in a way that causes acne breakouts. Stress-induced rise in hormone levels can cause acne breakouts on their own.


The relationship between stress and acne is further enhanced when a stressed person puts on too much make up, or bad cosmetics to hide the effects of stress and clogs pores. The more acne appears, the thicker the amount of cosmetics used on the skin to hide it. This blocks the skin pores even more.

One of the modalities of treating acne is to open the skin pores to clear out all the dead skin, bacteria and dirt allowing the skin to “breathe”.


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