Winter Skin Care Tips

The summer months carry with them quite a bundle of jollity and a carefree atmosphere. The air is filled with joy as the sun bares its rays upon us. As the summer draws to a close, the period of fall soon follows.

Leaves turning yellow or brown followed by the leaves falling off the trees are the hallmark of the period we call autumn.

Somehow, the air during the months of autumn is cleaner and crisper as the temperature begins to gradually dip ushering in the winter when the air becomes colder.

How The Winter Affects Your Skin

The problem of the winter period is that the air usually becomes drier and made worse by the fact that, the winter period packs a lot of wind.

All of these is not good news for your skin because it deprives your skin of moisture. This means your skin care regime for the winter must include products that gives your skin good moisture.

Something along the lines of using an intensive moisturizer at night coupled with a day time use of light moisturizer that is not laden with oil is a perfect fit for a 24 hour moisturizing skin care. This keeps the skin hydrated keeping away dryness and dehydration.

In addition to the moisturization skin plan, you need to include anti-wrinkle and anti aging cream to protect your skin from the harsh winter weather. Dry skin leads to wrinkle development and an anti wrinkle cream will prevent that from happening.

How about getting good anti oxidant cream

The summer activities inevitably lead to skin damage from exposure to the environment. Exposure to the sun, pool water, salty sea water all lead to skin damage. Free radicals are produced and that is where skin cream with anti-oxidants come in for the repair job.

eyelasticity_eye_creamIn effect the winter time is a good time to repair the damage inflicted on the skin during the summer time.

If you suffer from acne, this would be a good time to add a reliable acne product that works to keep acne at bay or stop a recurrence or acne break outs.

Pay special attention to your eyes and lips

The dryness of the winter air affects your eyes to a greater degree because the skin around the eyes doesn’t produce enough sebum. What this means, wrinkles and fine lines will develop if you don’t take special care of the skin around the eyes.

A good eye cream will prevent this from happening. We recommend eyelasticity eye therapy cream as it has all the relevant ingredients that keep the moisture around your eyes and also deals with aging lines. See full eyelasticity eye therapy review through that link for more details.

Also remember to add a nice lip balm to protect your lips from extreme dryness and cracking for that matter.

Follow these winter skin care tips and your skin should sail through the winter months with the spring weather awaiting.